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One of my passions is street art. My other blog is very devoted to the more technical issues of this art, and in this I intend to free myself a little bit of that aspect and talk a little about travel, everyday problems (things like this). Today I tell you about a Country, which has great artists that inspired me a lot in my process of creation and learning, they are Vhils and Mr. Dheo.

The Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto has interacted visually with the urban environment under the name Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. He finished his studies in 2008 at the University of the Arts in London. This impressive form of visual poetry, exhibited worldwide indoors and outdoors, has been described as brutal and complex but imbued with a simplicity that speaks to the core of human emotions. Continuous reflection on identity, life in contemporary urban societies and their saturated environments explores themes such as the struggle between the aspirations of the individual and the demands of everyday life or the erosion of cultural uniqueness in the face of the dominant model of globalized development and increasingly uniform reality that it imposed around the world.

Mr.Dheo has always been linked to Art. At the age of three he began to copy phrases from newspapers and magazines and to draw alone. Always rejecting any type of involvement at a school or art course during adolescence developed his own techniques, which allowed him to register an evolution without direct influences. As a self-taught person, his first contact with graffiti came at the age of fifteen, and his drawings quickly became numerous literary studies. Months later he did his first job on the street and he met other artists with whom he identified and who motivated him to continue.

Today – after seventeen years of continuous work – Mr.Dheo has already made interventions in more than forty cities around the world. Collaborate with well-known brands and international companies despite electing the street as the perfect place to create. Versatile, it is mainly dedicated to photo realistic productions that, combined with graphic components, give it its own style in constant growth and development.

Today I will focus on some works by Vhils. It was in Lisbon that I saw excellent works of it, but also in São Miguel I saw some that I loved. For those who do not know São Miguel is one of the Azores islands that are part of Portugal and on a trip of a few days there, I could see 3 works that I loved, all of them with his identity and also with the identity of the city, very connected to the sea and fishing. Now that I’m talking about it, at the invitation of a friend, I’ve done sport fishing. I left my comfort zone clearly, but I loved it. I leave you here the link where I could go to the sea

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Another one

Hello bloggers. From here speaks a fervent web surfer. I am creating my second blog because the other one already has a definite theme and as I am always processing many ideas and I want to take them to the blog I am creating this one in which I will talk about everything. The other is already very much inclined to television series, cinema – it is very linked to the arts and with the creation of this blog I intend to free myself from these themes and start talking about others, some sports that I like, some trips I do, some themes from timeliness, among others. Here you can expect a little of everything. Ah, all the texts will be accompanied by a soundtrack.

Before that, access the and watch more about street art.